Bourbon Regions

Alta Mogiana

Named after the railway and known as a traditional coffee area, the new generation of producers are bringing a beautiful movement of fresh ideas and very good coffees.

  • Harvest Period

    May to July

  • Altitude

    800m to 1100m

  • Process


  • Varieties

    Red Catuaí, Yellow Bourbon, Obatan, Yellow Catucaí

With a partner office established in the city of Franca to facilitate operations with Alta Mogiana producers, nowadays, Bourbon works with more than 100 farms in São Paulo state.

The most common processing method is Natural because the climate and altitude are favorable. However, washed coffees can also be found on these properties and the diversity of drying techniques can vary from African beds to drying patios to mechanical dryers.

What you should know:
When you see great plateaus covered by a sea of coffee plants and nice machinery working during the harvest, this is one of the regions where these images are taken. Located in the northeast of the State of São Paulo, the Alta Mogiana region comprises a total of 450 thousand hectares of which 60 thousand hectares dedicated exclusively to coffee production. 

According to the Alta Mogiana Specialty Coffee Association (AMSC), an average of 200 million coffee plants crown these lands and are responsible for producing 1 million bags (59kg) per year. In order to harvest this amount of coffee and still meet the requirements of the specialty coffee market, lots of technology and science are applied on these farms.

About Alta Mogiana:

  • This region receives the name Alta Mogiana from a very important railway (Railways Mogiana Company) that was built to transport huge amounts of coffee in 1872.

  • Great rainfall (average of 1.700 mm per year) blesses flat areas with altitudes between 900 and 1,280 meters.

  • The harvest is mainly mechanized

Alta Mogiana