Nossa gama de cafés

Bourbon’s product line, Diversity, represents what we have found to be the best of Brazil’s coffees after years of experience in the specialty market. It means constant follow-up work tasting and understanding a country of such proportions and defining where we should be active. Thus, we have established a range that features not only great consistency but also incredible uniqueness of specialty coffees.

  • Br Blend

    A solid and consistent base

    Brazil offered as a solid base for blends, in a category that goes on early SCA specialty scores and delivers consistency.

  • Creation

    A taylor-made experience

    From the demand for a specific profile, Creation is a tailor-made purchase in a container volume which involves not only choosing a coffee of determined quality which represents 82/83 SCA, but also with its own brand, from the first sample to the final bags. As an additional service to this product category, Bourbon can offer the option to create the brand with our designers, providing all the necessary marketing details.

  • Organic &
    other certifications

    Certified coffees

    Our organic coffees are available in two categories: blend or estate. That means different qualities for each, depending on your needs. Bourbon has strong partnerships with certified producers and farms, with quality and sustainability walking side by side.

  • Regionals

    A distinct profile

    From the principle that each Bourbon Region has a distinct profile for each crop, we supply these 82-83 point coffees from each area we have found to have good potential to produce this quality in container volumes. Explore Alta Mogiana, Araponga, Campos Altos, Caparaó, Espírito Santo, Ibiraci, Poços de Caldas and Vale da Grama.

  • Estate

    Combination of a farm and a variety

    From the beginning Bourbon is aware that part of its role as exporter is to represent the farmers. Therefore, the Estate offer consists of the combination of a single farm and a specific variety. There is annual work done by the producer together with Bourbon to discover which varieties have the best performance, to be made available as Estate.

  • Microlot

    Sourcing the outstanding

    The Microlot project was born to establish a new way to think, trade and promote, not only the most exquisite profiles from Brazil, but also strong relationships in the coffee chain where information is deeply shared.

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