Bourbon Regions


Part of Matas de Minas, Araponga is constantly producing great coffees, and had an outstanding performance at CoE 2017, which made the whole community very proud and confident of the dedication of our partners.

  • Harvest Period

    July to October

  • Altitude

    950m to 1400m

  • Process


  • Varieties

    Red Catuaí, Yellow Catuaí and Catucaí

Bourbon Specialty Coffees started its operations with purchases from Fazenda Serra do Boné which belongs to Mr. Carlos Sergio Sanglard back in 2003. At that time, specialty coffee was just a tale from a faraway land for local producers. Bourbon’s intense work with local partners strengthened relations with farmers who had potential and had the desire to improve.

With success working in the region, Bourbon established an office in the city of Viçosa in June 2016. The main goal is to further strengthen the relationship with the current 50 producers and expand their operations focused on quality. Beyond commercialization, this new address will be used for staff and producer trainings, workshops and cupping.

What you should know about Araponga:

Minas Gerais state (where Araponga region is located) is so big that whole Spain would fit within its borders. The vast territory can accommodate a diverse ecosystem, which can vary from steep mountains to long flat areas.

Coffee is so important for the region surrounding Araponga that it generates 75 thousand direct jobs and 156 thousand indirect jobs in this market. In a constant search for better prices, growers in this region develop a handcrafted work and techniques resulted in high quality beans. The nuance and diversity of flavors is frequently recognized and really appreciated in national and international quality contests. Specially 2017 was a great year for the region.