Jardim das Oliveiras



Simone A Dias Sampaio Silva

Property name:

Jardim Oliveiras

Area of the farm:

43 ha

Area of coffee:

20 ha

Total Production:

400 bags



Processing method:

Pulped natural

Drying method:

Concrete patio


Red and Yellow Catuai, Mundo Novo, Catigua 2, Arañas, Oeiras

Farm Story

Simone inherited the property from her parents who produced comercial coffees. However, they found out that they had a favorable terroir for producing specialty coffee. They have won already many contests such as Illy 2014 – 1st place, Abic 2015 – 1st place, Selo Estadual de Sustentabilidade – 2015 and 4th place at BSCA – 2016.

Her goal in producing specialty coffees is to aggregate value to an abundant production product.

She does the picking manually and using a derriçadeira trying to pick the beans as mature as she can. Afterwards she separates the microlots which are sub divided in 4. The drying process is 100% using concrete patios and the coffee is separated in labels according to CERTIFICA MINAS.

The picking and transport to patio are done on the same day using water.

Jardim das Oliveiras