Fazenda Santa Edwiges

Campos Altos


Adriano de Senna Ramos

Property name:

Fazenda Santa Edwiges

Area of the farm:

340 ha

Area of coffee:

130 ha

Total Production:

9000 bags



Processing method:


Drying method:

Asphalt patios


Red Bourbon

Farm Story

It began in 1995 when Afrânio Domingos Ramos bought the property, running it until mid-2007, when he handed it over to his son, Adriano Senna, who from then until now has increased production and with it made necessary improvements. There was a need to improve quality which began with the certification process. In the 2015/16 crop the farm won its most important quality award.

Mechanized picking, started with adequate maturation and taken to paved patios. Good natural drying is finished in pre-dryers.

Ideal climate for coffee growing with a well-distributed average annual rainfall of 1800 mm.

The objectives of producing specialty coffee are having as many high-quality coffees as possible, aggregating value to the product, to invest in continuous improvements on the farm, to be competitive on the market.

Fazenda Santa Edwiges