Microlot, Singular coffees projects

Searching for exquisite coffee in Brazil, a new project was born to establish a new way to think, trade and promote, not only the most exquisite profiles from Brazil, but also strong relationships in the coffee chain where information is deeply shared.

Our clients have begun to show intense demand for unique coffees. Extravagant sensorial profiles with producers’ stories as background are among the requests that drive experts’ experience. With this mindset, Bourbon launched a project to meet this specific demand that has been in continuous growth.

Our main goal is to find the most exemplary and unique sensorial profiles from each Bourbon Region. This consequently provides producers with conditions to establish long-term partnerships focusing on the production of Microlots.

Aiming to develop new tests, such as fermentation techniques, new varieties and exotic processing methods, the Microlot Project has a set of simultaneous activities in different fields, which covers all available knowledge in the coffee world.

Bourbon has chosen a special team of Q-Grader cuppers, a food engineer and has established a separate lab and dry mill dedicated to taking care of these best lots in order to personalize the experience in every detail. Moreover, we and have strengthened our partnership with the Federal University of Lavras in order to guide procedures at the farms, warehouses and cupping labs. There is also a team in each Bourbon Region working in the field to spot great lots, even the tiniest ones.

March flower

What is considered the regular timing for the coffee flowering in Brazil is October to November. In the Espírito Santo and Caparaó regions, there is a rare and beautiful phenomenon, due to their specific microclimates, where the blossoming can happen in January, February and even March, moving the harvest time to November or December.

Producers haven’t yet realized the potential of these coffees and wouldn’t mind carefully picking or using appropriate post-harvest methods, as they would have probably paid their annual bills already.

Around 2015 something very special happened, as Bourbon found these coffees to have the most outstanding flavors and sensorial profiles we have ever tasted in our country. The most floral, complex, exotic and richness of tropical fruit attributes.
They are the top of top microlots and a fundamental part of this project is to educate the producer to do the best post-harvest processing possible with these coffees so we can keep offering them every crop year.