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Exceptional Farms and Dedicated Growers

Long term partnerships with growers who are obsessed with quality makes Bourbon one of the main specialty coffee exporters in the world. The coverage extends to all Brazilian areas which are recognized as capable of producing exceptional coffees, with unique attributes such as aroma, acidity, body and sweetness, is another important Bourbon’s differential.

The incessant search of the best qualities, by growers-partners as well as by all Bourbon professionals, makes the company a reference in the market of truly specialty coffees.

Brazilian Specialty Coffees
Brazilian Specialty Coffees


Rua Piauí, 129
Poços de Caldas - MG
Zip Code 37701-024
Fone: 55 [35] 3722 3380
Fax: 55 [35] 3722 3381
E-mail: bourbon@bourboncoffees.com

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