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Exceptional and Innovative Packaging

Bourbon, always concerned with the preservation of quality, understands the importance of investing in research. As a result, Bourbon is proud to launch “Innovation Bag” after three years of applied research by the Federal University of Lavras (UFLA) that confirmed its superiority. This “innovative bag” that holds 20kg of green coffee is the best way to store and transport the product, preserving its quality during longer periods of time. Our best coffees, graded as “MICRO-LOTS” AND “MICRO-LOTS EXCEPTIONAL”, are immediately stored in “Innovation Bags” as soon as they are acquired by Bourbon. It is the guarantee that coffees sent to clients worldwide will have the exact exceptional quality of the sample at the moment that they are received.


Rua Piauí, 129
Poços de Caldas - MG
Zip Code 37701-024
Fone: 55 [35] 3722 3380
Fax: 55 [35] 3722 3381
E-mail: bourbon@bourboncoffees.com

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