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Exceptional Specialty Coffees

From production to exports: the dedication of the growers-partners during cultivation and harvesting is translated into exceptional coffees at the cupping table. The rigorous selection made by Bourbon cuppers identifies coffees that are more than specialty; true gems prospected among lots and micro lots of extremely high quality, sustainable, certified or organic coffees.

Exceptional is finding what is beyond Specialty
It is the tireless pursuit of the best cup
It is the commitment to quality
It is the valorization of growers and partners
It is the search for innovative ways to store and export

Bourbon perceives the specialty coffee market in a distinctive way and innovation forms the basis of our work. At Bourbon, our mission is finding what is beyond specialty.

Bourbon Specialty Coffees. Exceptional.


Rua Piauí, 129
Poços de Caldas - MG
Zip Code 37701-024
Fone: 55 [35] 3722 3380
Fax: 55 [35] 3722 3381
E-mail: bourbon@bourboncoffees.com

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