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Exceptional Values

Bourbon, an exceptional brand based on exceptional work. Bourbon is proud to work in close partnership with the best coffee growers; tireless workers in pursuit of the best quality, year after year.

We follow the work of men and women in the field with respect and admiration and select the rarities that they produce. We carefully prepare the coffees so they reach our clients in different parts of the world with the same exceptional quality that they were harvested.

Exceptional Structure and Cupping Team

Bourbon’s structure has been strategically designed to optimize the work of its collaborators. Experienced professionals, Bourbon cuppers have an equipped and comfortable laboratory at their disposal that allows them to evaluate each coffee lot with precision, exploring its attributes in detail. Hundreds of specialty, certified and quality competition coffees pass through Bourbon tables daily. We have gathered an exceptional team and an impeccable exports structure to bring you the best cup.


Rua Piauí, 129
Poços de Caldas - MG
Zip Code 37701-024
Fone: 55 [35] 3722 3380
Fax: 55 [35] 3722 3381
E-mail: bourbon@bourboncoffees.com

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